Economy in a Box

Blockchain technology is the backbone of our Economy in a Box, a complete solution that allows anyone to create a local currency and build a local economy

Control Panel

Both powerful and easy to use, the Colu control panel provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating a local economy. More than just a way of issuing digital currencies, the control panel provides all the capabilities needed to fully manage an economy including, monitoring tools and the ability to perform ongoing audits.


Mobile App

With a wallet that can handle multiple local currencies, the capability to quickly and securely send and receive direct payments, and the ability to discover all of the participating people and businesses, the Colu app makes being part of a local economy as easy as tapping a button.

Merchant Tools

Small businesses are the soul of any local economy, that's why we created a complete set of tools that allows merchants to effortlessly manage transactions, expand their offerings, help them get discovered, and distribute local currency.