Creating the Digital Equivalent of Physical Cash

Just as the internet created a way for people to transfer information directly to anyone in the world, blockchain is doing same thing for digital currency


Transparent, fast, and inherently secure due to its distributed nature, our open source technology protocol allows for direct exchanges of digital cash, revolutionizing the way money is transferred and creating a true peer-to-peer economy.


Unlike credit cards or other online payment platforms, digital cash works exactly like real cash - it can be used to make payments or be transferred to other people, instantly, securely, privately, and without fees, while providing real time economic data.


Colu lowers the barriers to adopting blockchain technology by offering a comprehensive solution that is dynamic enough to meet the needs of everyone from local communities and small cities, to large metropolitan areas, states, and countries.


We are in the process of building a comprehensive network that connects public and private blockchains into one interconnected, distributed ecosystem that allows local economies to exist on a global scale.

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